Monday, 25 August 2014

SABMFA Electric Fly In

It's on the events page, but to remind everyone, our Electric Fly In on behalf of the SABMFA is nearly upon us, so start charging your batteries and praying for good weather.

Multirotor Tests

For members interested, the BMFA have now launched multirotor A and B certificates.

Written by our own chairman Chris, they have been accepted and now endorsed by the BMFA as official tests, so you can test your skills and get a certificate when you pass.

Anyone looking to test should contact Ian the membership secretary who will put you in touch with an examiner.

Spotlight Section

Those with a keen eye will see the website now has a spotlight page. This page is all about you the members and your models. We'd like your photos and a brief description of your pride and joy, such as wingspan, motor/engine and what is good or interesting about it.

This can be any kind of model from foam toy to supermodel, the idea is we share with the world what we fly.

To get a model featured, just get your best photo of it (uncropped please) and send it to with your description.

Welcome to the new website

You may notice we've had a little website facelift, including this rather useful announcement page.

Check in here to see new things as they're posted.

For now, do you have a nice photo that you would like to have featured on the clubs new homepage?

If so please forward them to

Unfortunately the club can't promise to use every shot, but the idea is to create a page that showcases all the models and styles we fly at our club.